The first Emperor – Happy Birthday, Zach Yuen!

Source: Club Press-Office


For many, the multi-Oscar-winning epic ‘The Last Emperor’ was first glimpse of the glories of China’s history. The ground-breaking production brought together East and West, and unlocked the doors of the Forbidden City for a generation of movie fans around the world.

Times change. Modern-day China has entered a new era of global partnership and international engagement. Sport is playing a key role in this. From the triumphs of the 2008 Olympics – which provided the arena that Kunlun calls home – to the emergence of Chinese stars in the NBA or the rise of the soccer championship of the People’s Republic, the country is ready to work and play with the wider world.

And that’s where our local hero, Zach Yuen, occupies a unique position. Chinese and Canadian, forward and D-man, an emerging talent who is already a genuine star for fans in Beijing and Shanghai thrilled to see a Chinese hockey player mixing it with the best. In a country where history is dominated by the great dynasties, Zach, who today celebrates his 24th birthday, is among the first emperors of a new era in Chinese sport.

He’s already achieved some impressive ‘firsts’ for that resume. Among the first Chinese players to take to the ice in the KHL. The first to score a point, then a goal in this league. Next, the first post-season scoring. More than just on-ice success within our team, it’s a symbol of what our team can and will achieve in the years to come.

And so, having completed a successful first season with our team, we look forward to many more years of victories with Zach as part of Kunlun’s new Chinese sporting dynasty. Happy birthday, and 生日快乐!