The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Source: Club Press-Office


A hockey season gives plenty of time for remarkable things to happen. Some are planned, some are the result of years of effort, and some come out of nowhere to leave the crowds scratching their heads. All of them live long in the memory. From Moyzakin’s millennium to a Mannequin Challenge, Kunlun was part of several special moments in its debut campaign.

The mastery of Mozyakin
Sergei Mozyakin needs no introduction to KHL followers, and the 2016-17 season was a procession of new records for Magnitogorsk’s master marksman. The latest, and greatest, of those achievements, came during Kunlun’s playoff series against Metallurg, when Mozyakin scored his 1,000th career point in Russian hockey and became the first man in history to do so. It’s an incredible, inspirational achievement – and one that we’d love to see from a player in Kunlun colors in years to come! 

Taimi tries to lend a hand
Some days, things just don’t work out. For Tommi Taimi, our Finnish D-man, that day came against Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg. Artyom Garayev fired the puck across the front of the net, Taimi reached back to flick it from danger with his glove. Except, this time, the angles were wrong and Taimi, like a hockey-playing Diego Maradona, punched the ball into the net. Unlike Maradona’s soccer sleight-of-hand, though, it was an unhappy moment for our guy … but it could not save Avto from a 4-3 loss. 

Miss a penalty, get a penalty
Yaroslav Alshevsky took on Andrei Kareyev during our game with Metallurg Novokuznetsk … and ended up losing out twice. First, the goalie got the better of their duel and saved Alshevsky’s penalty shot. Then, after our forward barrelled into his opponent, the officials handed him a two-minute tripping penalty. Even the commentators were left scratching their heads as our forward was ushered to the sin bin. 

Freeze! Mannequin time!
The Mannequin Challenge was the internet sensation of the year, sweeping the sporting world. From college teams to international stars, it felt like everyone wanted in on the fun. Hockey was no exception, and Kunlun’s game in Helsinki against Jokerit froze up during one of the TV time-outs. 10,000 people, including fans, players, ice girls and TV crews, all stopped in their tracks. 

Every player likes to hit the back of the net. Some players manage to go through it. Torpedo’s Evgeny Grachyov got so much power into this slap shot that it ripped a hole in the netting. For a moment, play continued, but the video official confirmed that Torpedo had indeed scored, even if few people had noticed at the time!