Red Stars of the Kremlin. Preseason begins with a glimpse into the past

Source: Club Press-Office


On Tuesday, the 4th of July, our team gathered in Moscow for preseason training, which begins in earnest when the players undergo the physicals on the 5th and 6th, after which we set off for our first preseason camp in Switzerland.

Today was devoted to getting to know Moscow. You may well wonder how, on a Monday afternoon in a Russian capital relentlessly drenched by rain for several weeks, the clouds over the city suddenly parted and sunshine beamed down from the unfamiliar blue skies. Nothing out of the ordinary – the heavens simply refused to entertain the possibility that our multinational collective could be taken to see the beauty of the Kremlin in unseasonably dreary conditions. You don’t think we have someone watching over us? Think again! Everything is under control, so relax and enjoy the fine work of our master photographer, Vladimir Bezzubov.