Our first trophy – virtually. Kunlun Red Star is the Pacific champ

Source: Club Press-Office


On Thursday, Jan. 19, a few hours before our terrific win at Traktor, Amur and Admiral met in Khabarovsk. It was the 12th and final regular-season meeting between the three teams that represent the Pacific Region in the KHL. Admiral’s 2-0 win meant that from those 12 games, every team had four victories. Almost inseparable, in fact.

But only almost. Eleven of those games finished in regulation time, but one went the full distance and ended in a shoot-out. That was the Christmas Eve clash in Beijing, where Kunlun went down 0-1 against Amur. Yet that defeat eventually brought us a victory in the unofficial Pacific championship thanks to the bonus point secured that evening. In total Amur picked up 11 points, Admiral got 12, and Kunlun led the way with 13!