Vital goals, thrilling goals, historic goals … here’s five of the best from Kunlun’s debut season

Source: Club Press-Office


Nothing beats the moment when the puck hits the net. Whether the play is pretty or ugly, whether it’s a game-winning goal in the last seconds, or wrapping up a comfortable win under little pressure, it’s always special. But some live longer in the memory than others, whether it’s about quality, significance or just the sheer joy of seeing a well-rehearsed move executed to perfection. So, in no particular order, here are five of our favorite markers from 2016-17.

A winning start. Tuukka Mantyla at Amur, Sep. 1

How big can one goal be? Game winner? Seen it. Last minute? Check. Victory in a franchise’s first ever competitive fixture? That’s once in a lifetime. Unforgettable stuff from our Finnish D-man.

A place in history. Zach Yuen vs Amur, Oct. 28

Our friends from Khabarovsk seem destined to appear frequently in Red Star’s history. This time, Juha Metsola was on the receiving end again as Zach Yuen became the first Chinese player to score in the KHL. Just to add to the sense of occasion, it was the only goal of the game.

Fewer players, more opportunities. Chad Rau vs Avtomobilist, Dec. 17

By the time Kunlun got to finish a game in overtime, we’d waited so long that the rules had changed. As a result, Red Star and Avto were the first teams to play the extras in the all-new 3-on-3 format – and leading scorer Chad Rau chased down his own shot to grab the winner.

I love it when a plan comes together. Sean Collins at Avangard, Feb. 2

Not every great goal is a game winner. This one wasn’t enough to save the team from defeat in Omsk. But any coach who every plotted out a move on paper would be thrilled to see the plan work so beautifully on the ice. Sean Collins benefits from a set-up out of the play book.

Playoff passion. Linus Videll vs Metallurg Magnitogorsk, Feb 26

The dream had come true. Playoff hockey arrived in China. And Linus Videll rose to the occasion magnificently with a superb individual goal to stun the defending champion. Possibly the best goal Red Star scored all season, and in the biggest game played in Beijing.