The Big Bang Theory – the top 5 hits of Kunlun’s debut season

Source: Club Press-Office


Ever wondered what it’s like to be bowling down the ice at top speed, only to be rammed by 180-odd pounds of unyielding defenseman? Plenty of Kunlun’s opponents from this season know the answer to that, as our rundown of the biggest hits of the campaign proves. On this evidence, the Finns are a tough breed!

Mondays with Mantyla
Nobody much likes heading to the office on Monday. The weekend fun is still fresh in the mind, and there’s always someone on hand to kill that buzz as soon you get back to work. For a Monday night game at home to Lokomotiv, our Finnish D-man Tuukka Mantyla opted to take out his frustrations on the opposition, landing two huge hits on Loko’s Stanislav Chistov and Max Talbot.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall
SKA has a big reputation, Mantyla has a big heart. When our fiery Finn took on Yegor Rykov, there was only one man who was going to come out on top. Witness the wipeout.

Beware of the beard
At 198 lbs, Janne Jalasvaara is a fearsome obstacle with a big beard that adds to his intimidating on-ice presence. And our captain isn’t afraid to make the most of his stature – just ask Grigory Panin of CSKA what he felt after picking himself up from this crunching collision.

Lada forward Viktor Komarov thought he was motoring towards the net as he took on Brett Bellemore; Tuukka Mantyla had other ideas. There was only one winner from this head-on smash.

Getting your retaliation in early
Game one of the season, and Eetu Poysti was out to prove that the KHL newcomer was no soft touch. Here, he moves the puck on and anticipates Jan Kolar’s attempted check with a punishing hit on the Amur defenceman.