Big-hearted, flame-haired, and not so green. Happy Birthday to Sean Collins!

Source: Club Press-Office


There’s no mistaking the Irish heritage of our red-haired Canadian center Sean Collins. And for many, one of the key symbols of Ireland is the leprechaun, the little green-hatted tricksters forever guarding their pots of gold.

But our Sean is far from the typical image of a leprechaun. For a start, at 185 cm tall, he’s hardly a little chap. Moreover, he’s rarely seen in green. And, most important, he’s more than generous when it comes to sharing out the goodies among his team-mates. Just ask his partners on Kunlun’s first line.

Game after game, shift after shift, Sean is always on the look-out for the game-changing pass. At the time of writing, his 20 assists make him the team’s top helper. Indeed, if the KHL used the same rules as North America to award assists, he might have picked up five more and headed the overall scoring charts for the club. As it is, his tally of 26 points sees him just behind Chad Rau on 28.

Even though the KHL scoring system isn’t as generous as the one he grew up with, Sean doesn’t take offense. He shares another of Ireland’s most amiable characteristics, an open-hearted love of life. Our forward is rarely seen without a smile on his face and is always at the heart of the locker room banter. At times, he seems almost on the point of breaking out into a routine straight out of ‘Riverdance’.

But there’s a catch, as Sean himself acknowledges. To get an Irishman to really strut his stuff on the dancefloor, a few pints of stout or shots of whiskey often serve as vital lubrication. During the season, though, overindulging in the booze is a no-no for a professional athlete. So for now, the singing and dancing will have to wait. But, come the end of the season, who knows?

The birthday party is all set for the Beijing ice, where Kunlun finishes its 2016 program with a game against Admiral. Here’s hoping Sean is ready to give out a few birthday presents to help the team to another big win!